Bring Immediate Relief to Survivors of the Earthquake in Morocco

Bring Immediate Relief to Survivors of the Earthquake in Morocco



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Yussef is crowding with 18 Families in just a handful of tents

Yussef crowding with 18 Families in a handful of tents

On September 8th,  mid-morning, a powerful earthquake suddenly turned Yussef's peaceful rural life with his wife and two small children in Idni, Morocco upside down.  Within minutes, all of the 18 homes in this tiny mountain community were turned to rubble. 

For the first three days, all of the roads were blocked by debris, and they were cut off from aid.  On the fourth day, the government delivered four tents to share with all of the families, totaling about 70 people.  The women and children crowded into two of the tents, and men in the other two. 

A few days later another NGO brought two tarps and some sticks to construct a rough shelter.  A couple days after that, another NGO arrived with three more very flimsy summer tents, that are not waterproof and unable to withstand winter mountain storms and winds.  But they were better than nothing, as the crowded conditions were not only undignified but also unhygienic and inhumane for more than a few days. 

Yussef told the AMURT Team that other organisations arrived with doctors and food, but they kept asking for tents, and were told that there are no more tents available. 

AMURT’s First 30 Tents Ready,  More are Needed!

AMURT experienced rapid response team arrived in the first days after the earthquake. Already anticipating this situation AMURT immediately identified a local factory and made an order of 30 tents, to bring to families like Yussef.

The tents have to be particularly strong to provide safe shelter in the winter in the mountains.  Each one costs about 400 GBP.  However, there are many more families in Idni and other communities desperately needing tents.  It will be months before new homes can reconstructed.  In the meantime, you can provide Yussef's family with safe and dignified temporary shelter in a good quality steel frame tent.

Help Injured Children to Heal

In the meantime, a team of AMURT's five physiotherapist volunteers are treating injured patients in the villages. 

AMURTEL's Melinda has also been able to immediately start providing support to the medical staff at the Muhammed 6th Hospital in Marrakesh, where the majority of the earthquake victims are being treated.  She trained 110 doctors and nurses to respond not only to the physical needs of their patients, but also to give appropriate psychological support. In addition, she is providing the staff with moments of art therapy to "help the helpers" and support their own resiliency in the face of so much suffering and trauma. 

Doctors training

110 Doctors Already Trained to Support Traumatized Patients

Melinda is planning to lead a therapeutic camp in the desert for injured children to help them process the trauma that can only happen with your support. 

Your support will ensure not only safe shelter, but also psychological care for the traumas that have affected so many children and families like Yussef's.  

The survivors urgently need your help!  



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